Monday, January 7, 2013

Post surgery! (some pictures, FYI!)

Holy wow. It's been so long since I've posted I'm not even sure where to start.

I decided a while back to take a few months off of blogging. I was desperately working to try to get my MG novel ready for querying, holidays were fast approaching, blah blah blah. Usual writer life type stuff I'd imagine. Then I finally got a date for my jaw surgery and all my plans came to a screeching halt. I'm proud to say that as of this past Saturday I am officially one month post-op! Hooray! It's been such a fast month.

FYI- I'm about to talk about the surgery and show pics (not of the actual surgery!), so if you're squeamish stop reading!

For those who don't know, I had surgery to realign my top jaw. It's called a LeFort procedure and mine was called a LeFort III because my jaw was split into three places. In all honestly I'm not 100% sure what the surgery entailed. I have a tendency to freak out over medical things so I wanted to know as little as possible pre-surgery.

I tried not to think about it too much, but of course I did. Like, all the time. I didn't know what to expect and the only other surgery I've had was to remove my wisdom teeth. When I signed the paper work the week before and read in bold letters, "This is not a minor surgery!" I kind of started to panic. But the wheels were already in motion and couldn't be stopped.

We had to be at the hospital at 5AM and surgery was scheduled for 7:15. It was an early wake-up call! When it was time to go back to the operating room they gave me a drug that would have an amnesia effect so I wouldn't remember much, but I do remember some things. Weird, random things. I remember the nurse wheeling me to the elevator, but I don't remember the elevator ride. I remember going into the OR and trying to figure out if it looked like Grey's Anatomy (sadly there was no McDreamy). I remember moving from my bed to the OR table and then my mind started making things up. People were talking to me and looking back now I know they weren't there. As the anesthesiologist put me to sleep there was a nice lady to my left that held my hand and told me it would be okay. I never saw her again.

Next thing I remember is being brought to the hospital room. I was told beforehand that I'd stay in recovery until I was awake, talking, etc. but I don't remember any of that. Also at some point I changed from the itchy paper operating room gown to a cotton gown. So I guess somebody helped me change...? Who knows.

The surgery was about three hours and I slept on and off that day, until I got violently sick. Apparently I'm allergic to morphine and it took them a few hours to figure this out. Oy. Once I was switched to another pain medicine I was fine!

My original prognoses was a liquid diet for 4-6 weeks then a soft food diet (mashed potatoes, mac and cheese) for another 4-6 weeks. However, I'm healing so well that for the most part I'm already able to eat anything. Earlier today I had crackers for the first time and it was glorious. It's funny how much I missed crunchy and salty foods.

I go for a post-op appointment tomorrow and we'll see what the surgeon says. I have to wear surgical bands (similar to rubber bands you wear with braces) all the time except when I eat, and they're quite annoying. I'm really hoping he says I don't have to wear them anymore. Or at least not 24/7.

And now, for some photos!

Morning after surgery

Day two

Day three

One week!

Teeth before surgery:

 After surgery (about two weeks post-op, my lips are still numb!)

 All in all I'm very pleased with how everything worked out. I was never in any real pain, just uncomfortable and that didn't last for long. Honestly the worst thing has been the facial numbness. My right nostril and the entire right side of my face is still pretty numb and will be for a few months, apparently.

I know a few of you have said that you've always needed this surgery, and if you're one of them, please go for it. I don't regret it in the slightest, and it's been so, so worth it.


  1. Well, I'm so glad to hear you were never in pain through all of that!! The wonder of modern medicine! So happy you're healing quickly and yay for crackers!!

  2. Holy Moly! I know exactly how weird those pain killers and hospital sedatives are. Like when my appendix exploded I distinctly remember the hospital people telling me to put on these horrendous hospital knickers. However when I woke up in a crowded room filled with other patients in recovery I in my morphine addled state discovered that I was not wearing knickers at all anymore. I panicked. Not to mention I treated everyone to a pantless freakout. My wisdom teeth surgery wasn't quite so traumatic, the surgeon and the sandman said my socks were cute and they let me keep them on, because it wad wintery cold. Glad you're feeling better now though.

  3. Glad you're healing quickly! And it's awesome that you got the results you wanted :-) Take care!

  4. You've been so brave. I'm happy for you. I hope you are fully recovered now. God bless.

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