Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It's alive!

I've had a terribly rough go of it emotionally lately. Just terrible. We've all been there.

"My writing isn't good enough."
"It'll never be good enough."
"I'll never write a book like "
"What if this doesn't work out? What if I can't make a career out of this?"
"I don't want to work retail for the rest of my life!"
"What if I can't even get a retail job?"
"What? I wrote this? What was I thinking?" 

The list goes on and on. Like I said, just a rough go of it. So to check the mail today and find this?
(ignore the three day unwashed ponytailed hair)

I squeed quite a bit. More than I'm willing to say, actually. I open the book and find my name in it. MY NAME. It's such an honor to be included in this anthology with so many amazing people. To say this was exactly what I needed today is an understatement. In the end I'm doing what I love and following a lifelong dream. Few people get to do that and I know I'm blessed beyond measure.

I'll be blogging more about Dear Teen Me leading up to its release in October, so be on the look out!


  1. yay you!!! And Dear Teen Me! And 3 day pony tail hair. Which is what I am sporting as I type this.

  2. I tear up a little reading this. Congratulations dear friend: YOU DID IT!!!

  3. Writing a book is such achievement. Well done and hope you won't stop now. odszkodowanie za wypadek w pracy UK

  4. I choose this book because I recognized some the authors in this book. I loved it because of the letters, the stories were funny, heartbreaking and over-all inspirational to read. I recommend this book to any teen that thinks they are having a hard even though these letters come from adults teens can surely relate and find comfort in this book.

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