Friday, November 4, 2011

Fired Up Friday

Sorry for the radio silence the past few weeks. I was desperately trying to finish the first round of revisions on my dystopian time travel novel (which I finished at about 10:00 on Monday night) and then I stupidly decided to do NaNoWriMo this year (what can I say, I'm a sucker for The Pain), so I've been a bit busy. I'll be pretty busy for the remainder of the year with the holidays coming up, but I'm going to try to schedule some posts in advance so the blog doesn't just sit empty.

Now on to my Fired Up Friday, which is brought to you today by Fall. Fall is my all time favorite season. I love the colors of the leaves changing, fall festivals, pumpkins, and the crisp, sunny days. The weather has finally started to cool off here in Texas (We caved and turned the heat on last night. Don't judge, it was 34 degrees!) and I am very thankful, those 100+ degree days were starting to make me a little loopy. So without taking up to much of your time, here is why Fall inspires me, brought to you by pictures this week.

Is it weird to be inspired by tights? Because I am. I have bought about six different colors of tights to wear this fall, and I think I need at least two other colors (it's an addiction). Here I am in a dress my husband got me for our anniversary with teal tights. 
As I said earlier, I am digging this cooler weather. High today of 65? YES PLEASE. 
Every year when we carve pumpkins I'm always surprised by how hard and time consuming it is. These are our pumpkins for this year, I did the owl, and my husband did NightMare Moon from My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic.

I love pumpkin anything, pretty much. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie... pumpkin anything. Today I made up a recipe for Pumpkin Harvest Bread, which turned out awesome! I'll share the recipe with you on a later date, but here's a tease picture for now. :)

I love Fall so much I chose to get married in it. My husband and I celebrated our fourth wedding anniversary on the 27th. As you saw from the first picture, he got me a lovely dress and I got him a laptop bag. He treated me to my favorite breakfast (Shipley's chocolate filled donuts!) then we drove out to Marble Falls to visit the pumpkin patch there and had dinner at The Melting Pot that evening. The following day we visited San Antonio to go to the Alamo (I've never been, and he's only been as a child) and then spent the day at the Riverwalk. All in all we had a fabulous anniversary and weekend. The rest of the pictures in this post will be of our visit to the pumpkin patch and San Antonio. Hope you enjoy!


  1. So much I love. First the tights and the dress so very cute. Thanks for sharing the pictures from your anniversary. Finally love the carved pumpkins the owl looks like the one from your blog and you can't go wrong with NightMare Moon!

  2. Oh yes and I'm so excited to hear more about your novels!