Friday, October 7, 2011

A Special Post For My Grandmother

In lieu of my normal Friday post, I'm going to have a very special blog post for my Memaw today. My grandparents read my blog (Hey Memaw and Pepaw!), and I really wanted to share something special that happened to me with them.

It was no secret that Memaw has a sweet spot for country music singer George Jones, and I have to be honest here: So do I. While other kids my age had their bedroom walls plastered with pictures of New Kids on the Block, I had posters of George Jones, Vince Gill, and Alan Jackson (yes I honestly did), and I blame it all on Memaw. We spent a lot of time at my grandparent's house growing up, so her love affair with The Possum was bound to wear off on me I guess. To this day he's still one of my favorite singers. I always said if I ever got the chance to see him in concert I'd jump at the opportunity, so when he announced an Austin show, you better believe I jumped!

I didn't even think he was touring anymore, but he apparently still does 60 tour dates a year. Owen and I went with my friend Jen and her husband and had a great time. Instead of going on and on about him, I'll just share some pictures and videos that I took. We didn't have the best seats and the video quality isn't wonderful, but just close your eyes and pretend you're there. Hope you enjoy, Memaw.

It's mandatory to wear cowboy boots!