Friday, September 16, 2011

Fired Up Friday

I'll be honest, I had a hard time feeling inspired this week. I've got quite a few things going on and I feel a bit over committed. It's my own fault, really. I always tell myself I need to learn to say no, but I rarely ever do. It's always hard lesson to learn. It's started to affect my writing quite a bit, too. Since editing this manuscript is the biggest, most frustrating thing on my daily to-do list, I often find myself just not doing it. It's easier to do the smaller (and usually less important) things done for the sake of instant gratification. Does anyone else do this? Yesterday I decided enough was enough so I've reorganized a bit and am trying to get back in the writing/editing groove. Again, another hard lesson to learn. Anyway, with all that being said, I do have a few things to share with you all that inspired me this week. Hope you enjoy, and be sure to tell me what's inspired you in the comments. 

Y'all know I've been thrifting quite a bit lately and this is my favorite find this week. They're vintage cups from the '70s and I knew they'd be perfect for a shelf I have in my bathroom. Originally I was going to put a small plant in each up (lavender or something), but I realized I'd probably forget to water it and have dead plants in my bathroom. So I put a pine cone in each. 

Here is another one of my new crafting ventures. I think it turned out quite well! Only problem is I've found out I'm allergic to old books. I've been feeling gross for a few days and fooling with the books is the only real thing that's changed. I did some research and mold spores can live in the pages. :( So not sure how much more book crafting I'll be able to do. If you know of any other crafting things I could try (that would get my eyes away from a computer screen) let me know! 

I was lucky enough to win tickets to a Coldplay ACL taping last night and it was an amazing show. It will air on PBS on New Year's Eve, so we all had to pretend it was New Year's with a countdown and everything. This is one of my favorite Coldplay songs and I was so excited that they played it last night. I'll have pictures and video of the show up soon hopefully.


  1. how bizarre that you should post a clip of 'the scientist' i was listening to that song on repeat last night (in my magical land it was friday too). lucky you got to go see them.

    i've decided that you should learn to crochet. it's easy, it's portable, you can do it while watching dvds or listening to harry potter narrated by stephen fry (this is my favourite thing in the world to do). there are a trillion websites out there with tutorials, youtube clips to help and a billion magazines to buy. then there are free sites like who have millions more patterns (some you have to pay for, some you don't). you should begin you crochet adventure by learning how to make a granny square, after you make one you can make a million, then join them all together and you've got a blanket!!

    you know you want too!

    also you get to buy yarn - so many colours!!!!!!

  2. That is hands down my favorite coldplay song!