Friday, September 9, 2011

Fired Up Friday

Happy Friday to you all! It's time for Fired Up Friday again, the day where I share things that have inspired me over the past week. Let's get to it!

I love trees so much!

This week I thrifted these awesome shoes and a vintage leather handbag. Love them! Which leads me to...

My first "official" Fall outfit! Temperatures this past week have been a little cooler (highs in the 90s now! Woo hoo!) so I decided it was time to break out a sweater.

I've been doing a lot of paper crafts this week for a Top Secret Project and I made this little guy out of the pages of a vintage book. It's the first one I've made, but I thought he turned out quite well!

And lastly, the fires here in Central Texas. You may ask why such a horrible disaster can inspire me, but let me explain. It's not so much the fire that inspires me, but how people come together after a disaster like this. People are so willing to donate their time and effort to others after a disaster. It's one of the few times I can actually say I'm proud of our human race. Does that make sense? (If you'd like to help out, please click here to read my previous post.)

Well that wraps it up for me this week. What's inspired you lately? Please tell me in the comments!


  1. Love the shoes, LOVE the handbag, LOVE the flower but the fires are scary. Glad you're safe !

  2. Those are some lovely shoes! I'm loving the paper flower as well ;)

    Mad Scientist

    Steampunkery & Book Reviews

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