Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Firefly + Charity = One Awesome Event

Those who know me know I'm a Browncoat (and for those that are already confused, Browncoat is a term used to identify fans of the Firefly series). Every year the Austin Browncoats group has an event called Can't Stop the Serenity, where fans of the series come together and watch a showing of Serenity at the Alamo Drafthouse. My husband and I have gone for the past three years and not only is it an amazing event, it's a charitable one as well. Last year we raised over $32,000 for the charity Equality Now,a charity that seeks to stop violence and discrimination of women and girls around the world.

Nathan Fillion (who plays Mal on Firefly) along with YA author PJ Haarsma co-founded a charity called Kids Need to Read. KNTR is a program which brings books to classrooms and libraries all across the country that otherwise wouldn't be able to afford new books. To date the charity has brought books to over 73 schools.

So you're wondering what all this has to do with me, correct? This year I will be helping the Austin Browncoats with a book drive at our CSTS event. For every new, children's or young adult book you donate you will receive one raffle ticket for a chance to win some Firefly and Serenity themed prizes (some valued at over $100!). The person who donates the most books will also receive a prize.

The event will take place on September 10-11 at the Lake Creek Alamo Drafthouse and tickets should be on sale soon. To keep up with the latest Austin Browncoat news, follow them on Facebook and Twitter. (Edited to add: Tickets are now on sale as of 8/17! Click here!)

If you don't live in the Austin area or can't attend but still want to donate books, please email me at stephanienpellegrin@gmail.com and I'll let you know how you can still help. Please remember that all books must be new. For a list of books the charity would like to receive, click here.

I also urge you to find CSTS screenings in your area. It's for a great cause and you get to see Serenity again on the big screen!

I'm so excited to be helping the Austin Browncoats and KNTR with this project. Reading and putting books in the hands of children and young adults is a cause that's close to my heart, and I hope it's close to yours as well.

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  1. What a fantastic cause, and I'm a huge Serenity and Firefly fan so that only makes it that much sweeter! I'll steer people your way. :)