Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Update on THINGS

It's been a while since I've blogged about my writing, so I thought I'd do a quick update before I leave for my weekly meeting with a few other Austin writers.

I am about 1/4 of the way through edits, and I know this is weird, but it's actually not that bad. (In a few months when I'm finishing up said edits and rocking in the fetal position in the corner chugging cough syrup don't remind me I said edits weren't "that bad.") Not saying I enjoy it over writing, but I do find it somewhat pleasing. I giggle at myself every time a certain character vomits (I'm on chapter 9 and she's blown chunks about four times, which is about four times too many), sighs, or shifts their eyes. My characters are very moody, apparently.

One thing I don't like about editing and rewriting is it's very time consuming for me. I can only do about a chapter a day (my chapters are around 1500-2K) and by the end of the day my BRAIN IS MUSH. I'm not sure why this is, but it wears me out mentally. My goal was to have the draft completely edited and maybe ready for a few beta readers by June, but I'm not sure that's going to happen. Missing nearly two weeks of editing time in March because of The Plague didn't help things, and with TLA being next week I'm going to get even farther behind. I guess I should get used to always being behind, I hear writers are generally behind on deadlines.

I think it's good to go back to something you wrote weeks, months, or even years ago and see how you've improved. I started the first draft of Always Tell Me Goodbye in December and I can already tell I'm a better writer in just the five months I've put into it. It helps me to see that I'm not wasting my time. Even if this manuscript goes nowhere but the garbage, I'm exercising my craft and I can't see how that's a bad thing.

I'm to the point now in my edits where That Pesky Boy comes into play and I just can't decide what to do with him. I am so torn. It all comes down to which story I want to tell, and I can't seem to make up my mind. It would work with or without him. Right now I'm toying with the idea of leaving him and seeing how that goes, but we'll see. Come tomorrow I'll be ready to give him the axe again.

So that's where I am, for now. Sorry for my lack of updates, but it's time to put my game face on and WORK WORK WORK so don't be surprised if I update even less frequently than I am now. You can always catch me on Twitter or email me (email address to your write above the cute little owl) if you miss me that much. ;)


  1. I enjoyed reading your update!! It's fun to see where fellow writer friends are--just reminds me we are all on the same journey. Good luck to you & have an awesome week! (Like I needed to say that, right??) :)

  2. YOu never fail to make me laugh and inspirie me with yor dedication and hard work.

  3. It might be a lot of extra work, but you could write it with AND without him, and see what your beta readers react to better???? Feel free to laugh :)
    Good luck!