Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Guest post from Ben Barnes (no, really)

Dear readers of Stephanie's blog,

Hello, Ben Barnes here. No really, it's Benjamin Barnes. Yes that Ben Barnes.

(This is me as well, just so you know.)

(Oh, and here too.)

Stephanie is currently very busy editing and rewriting her book, so she isn't able to blog as much as she'd like. She feels bad about it, really, which is why I'm here. We're very good friends, Stephanie and I, we go way back. I noticed she seemed a little busy lately so I offered to make a few guest blog posts for her while she catches up. It took some convincing on my part, but she finally agreed. So here I am.

I thought I'd make this first post short and simple to get my feet wet, so I thought I'd open the floor up for questions. What? This isn't like a press conference? Stephanie's not that famous? Well, bollocks. Regardless, leave your questions for me in the comments below and I'll answer some of them in another guest post either this week or next.


  1. Dear Ben,
    Are you single?
    Are you willing to marrying a fan?
    Will you be Gale in Hunger Games? I understand your age (not that you're old, you're perfect.) might be an interference, I still think you'd be great. I'd be Team Gale for sure.
    Since this is a book blog, I should ask a book question...what's your current read?

    With obsessed love,
    <3 xoxoxoxoxo

    Steph, awesome idea. ;)

  2. Dear Ben,

    I love you! You would make a great Ash from the Iron King.

    Your future wife

    P.S. Keep Steph busy so you can spend more time with us...I mean I miss you Steph!

  3. Dear Ben,

    Since Steph is your friend, what books has she made you read?

    BTW, you're very cute...and hot. Has anyone ever told you that?


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