Friday, February 25, 2011

Show me your... bookshelves? (Week 7)

This week I have the pleasure of showcasing the bookshelves of my friend and fellow Literary Lonestar Cari from Cari Blogs! I first met Cari online last year and have gotten to know her better and have been able to meet her a couple of times at various Texas events. It's been great becoming your friend, Cari! Let's see what Cari has to say about her bookshelves, and we'll see if they're up to snuff or not. ;)

Hey Y'all

If you follow me on twitter or visit my blog then you probably know I spend a lot of time buying books. I don't participate in memes so you really don't see the amount of books I buy until you look at my bookshelves. See I'm the kind of girl who solves a bad day by browsing 1/2 price books or hitting up Borders during lunch. A few years ago my mom decided I needed a bookshelf so for Christmas she got one for me and she even help me put it together. I am at the point where I need a second one but I still remember the nightmare of building it so I have been putting it off. Before I started reading YA I had about 100 books so I had plenty of pictures and personal items on the shelf but now well the books barely fit so the ones I have read and don't love either go to charity or I use them as giveaways.

I sort of have a system. Everything is organized by author last name.

Side A - This is my favorite side. The first two and 1/2 rows are Autographed Books A - Z and ARCs, then YA (A-Me)

Side B - YA(Me - Z), General Fiction (Mostly organized A-Z)

Random Books I couldn't fit on the bookcase

I have either read recently, purchased, received for review, and have been to signings they just need to be put back on the shelf. As you can see I'm avoiding it.

So there you have it my bookshelves and hopefully soon there will be another one just like it so I'll have to go shopping to fill it up.

Cari I love your double-sided bookshelf! Thank you for sharing your books with us this week. Want your bookshelves featured on my blog? Email me at with pictures and about your bookshelves, what you like to read, etc. Happy reading!

Also an FYI- I'll be out of town next week, so I may or may not have the bookshelf feature next week.


  1. Wow that is a great bookshelf, love that it's double sided!!!

  2. I have witnessed this book shelf in person & it is AWESOME ;-) I've cruised these shelves before! hehe

  3. Great shelves Cari!! My kids would knock over that shelf in two seconds if it was in my house! Lol....

  4. I love her bookshelves! you can get lost in there for hours just looking at all the stuff she has, it's like a library where I want to borrow everything. =D

  5. Beautiful bookshelf! I'm looking for new shelves as I've just run out of room. I'm envious of your collection.

  6. I love your double sided shelves!!!

  7. Very nice Cari!! When can I come browse your shelves??

  8. Thanks Stephanie for featuring my bookshelves!

    Girls in the Stacks: Y'all are all welcomed! Let me know so I can hide the clutter though. LOL

    Jen: It's actually really sturdy because of the books they make it really heavy. When I have to move it I have to take the books off.

    Thanks everyone :)

  9. Those are some amazing book shelves, I love it! :)

    Check out my blog: Principessa Gabriella

  10. Wow, this sounds like a very fun and great blog feature!

    And I love her double-sided bookshelf!

  11. I want a double sided bookshelf! I'd place it right in the middle of my room! Divide everything up, lol! :)

    I'd totally organize my shelf by author last name too but that's just asking for too much work! Would ya do it for me!? Aha!

    GREAAAT shelves, like for real!

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