Friday, February 18, 2011

Show me your... bookshelves? (Week 6)

This week I'm pleased to show you the bookshelves of fellow Texas blogger and Literary Lonestar Ginger from GReads. I was able to meet Ginger when I went to Houston for the Montgomery County Teen Book Festival and she is such a sweetheart! Be sure to stop by her blog and say hello. Here's what Ginger has to say about her bookshelves:

My father built this bookshelf for me last summer, for my 29th birthday. I'm not sure I could have received a more perfect gift at the time! He knew that my books were beginning to pile all over my apartment & that I was looking for something to keep them all in. Him being the handy man that he is, he offered to build me one. Who would pass up a custom made bookshelf?! Plus I knew his talents surpassed anything I would find at Ikea, Target, or Home Depot. This shelf holds some of my most favorite possessions. My books are more than just bound pages, they are stories that take me away to another place.. another time. Each book is like an art piece to me. I love having them on display to look at when ever I want to.

I had the letters 'READ' custom made for this bookshelf too. I found a very crafty girl on who made custom letters for things such as this. I love the letters so much! They add some personal touch to the shelves (if there wasn't enough already!).

This shelf in particular holds my favorite books. It's the top shelf (and I probably keep them there b/c they do hold the "top shelf" in my mind, hehe). Most of these books were ones that I first read when I began my obsession with reading YA books. As most people know.. I owe it all to Twilight! And no, there is not actual vampire blood in that bottle! Though I wish? is that weird?! haha It was just a cute accessory I picked up somewhere, that I just had to have!

So there's my bookshelf! The bottom shelf currently holds my "TBR" books. I'm slowly making my way through them, yet adding to them too! I guess I need to ask my dad to make another shelf soon! Almost running out of room!!!

And now let's look at Ginger's shelves!

Thank you so much for letting me share your bookshelves this week, Ginger! They're amazing and I have to say I'm a little jealous! Want your bookshelves featured on my blog? Email me at with pictures and about your bookshelves, what you like to read, etc. Happy reading!


  1. Thank you so much for featuring me Stephanie :-) I had fun creating this post!

  2. Ginger That's so sweet that your dad would build the book shelf for you.

  3. I love the letters, I wish my husband was handy so he could build me a custom bookshelf. Yours looks really nice Ginger! =)

  4. I want a bottle of Vampire's Blood! What an awesome bookshelf. I can't believe your dad built it!

  5. I love your custom bookshelf! I'm going to get one when we move. And those letters are adorable! I love Etsy! :)