Friday, January 28, 2011

Show me your... bookshelves? (Week 3)

Today I am bringing you the bookshelves of Momo from Books Over Boys! Here's what Momo has to say about herself, and her shelves.

I'm a new blogger blogging from Books Over Boys. I've always been a reader and now I enjoy sharing my love for books via my blog! My bookshelf. I try not to organize it a certain way, but I can't help myself. On the very top shelf, I have a few classics that was required of me to read for school, a few tv series, and a couple of movies. The majority of my second shelf consists of my chicklit books, plus my Sookie Stackhouse novels, and a few others. My third and fourth shelf *smiles* are like my most prized possessions in my whole room. They contain all of most favorite books! :) The fifth, and bottom shelf contains my books back from fifth grade! Plus, some of the newer books that I've received! I love my bookshelf! On my worst days, I could just stare at it for hours and get lost in just staring at them. It's like staring at all of the characters and their worlds. When I leave my room, I always better! *__*

And now, let's take a look at her bookshelves!

Shelves one and two

Shelves three and four

Bottom shelf

Whole bookcase

Thank you so much, Momo, for sharing your shelves with me! If you'd like your bookshelves featured on my blog, send me an email to! Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Wish I had more interesting bookshelves. Great idea and great feature. :)

  2. I'll take a photo of mine...when I have them all beautified! ;)

  3. very organized with fun decorative pieces! i see she's team edward ;)

  4. I love her shelves! They look so much more organized than mine! And her nicknacks are beyond awesome!

  5. Great shelves! I love the way you organized them and decorated them with lovely snowglobes. :D

  6. Thanks everyone! Like I mentioned above, I try not to organize them, but look what happened anyway! :) LOL!

    The snowglobes - it's kind of my thing. I collect them! *__*

    And yes, TEAM EDWARD all the way! I have posters all over my bedroom walls!

  7. Thanks Stephanie for featuring my bookshelf!

  8. Of course! Thank you for allowing me to blog about them! I loved having you. :)