Friday, January 21, 2011

Show me your.... bookshelves? (Week 2)

This week I'm featuring my dear friend Tina's bookshelves. I have known Tina for years and she's been an amazing friend to me. :)

Tina is, like me, a nerd. (And I say that because I love you!) She loves Star Wars and is a big fan of manga. Is it just me or do her bookshelves look like a bookstore or a library?

Here's what Tina has to say about her bookshelves:
Mt first shelf has all Star Wars novels on the left side. They are arranged in chronological order. The left shelf is manga (Japanese comic books), Disney Fairies books, and Harry Potter. Top shelf manga: Fullmetal Alchemist. Middle shelf manga: Fruits Basket, Inubaka. Bottom shelf manga: Naruto

My second shelf photo is a mis-mash of books. Top shelf: mystery books, Dune novels; a signed copy of a Band of Brothers book that Frank got at a WWII show. Middle shelf: a complete mix-and-match Bottom shelf: mostly sports related, with some other special interests thrown in (Star Trek, school yearbooks, dog related books).

Tina also has a 3 year old daughter (wow she's almost 4 now!) named Paige who also loves to read, here are Paige's bookshelves.

Thank you for letting me feature your bookshelves this week, Tina! Do you want your bookshelves featured? Email me your pictures and a brief description about your bookshelves at


  1. LOVE this feature! Let me know if you run out of people...I'll share our shelves :)

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