Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Goals

I'm not really a big resolution maker. I feel like I should be making goals to better myself all the time, not on one certain day of the year. With the new year starting it does have me thinking about the future and things I want to accomplish as well as the past and things I haven't managed to accomplish. I've made myself a To Do and Don't Do list that I'm hoping to follow throughout the year.

To Do List:

Write more
Over the past few months I have been writing more than ever, but still not as much as I need to be. My goal for myself is to write at least 5K a week, which should be very easy and doable. I'd love to have my contemporary finished, and maybe edited, by summer.

Read more
in 2009 I vowed I was going to read 100 books. I only made it to 92, but I was still proud. In 2010 I only read 42 books. I would love to read a book a week, at least.

Blog more

I love to write, so blogging is like another creative outlet for me. My friends and family read it, and it's something I can look back on years to come and "remember when." Maybe my kids will read it and see how cool their mom was. Ha.

Cook more
I enjoy cooking, but I don't do it as often as I should. I always use the excuses that our kitchen is small and groceries are expensive, etc. Husband and I eat out way too much.

Go outside more
I've noticed recently on days that I stay home and write all day that by the end of the day I'm very blue. I try to be excited because it's been a good day or whatever, but I still find myself depressed. I think it's because I stay inside for too long. I need to remember to get out more, even if it's just reading a book or writing on our porch.

Visit my family more

This one is tricky. My family lives 10 hours away and it's hard for me to get there. But with a new nephew that's growing up so quickly I need to make more trips home, no matter how expensive flying is.

Don't Do List:

Don't write junk
Sometimes I find myself writing words that I know are utter bunk just so that I'll get through for the day and I think, "Oh I'll edit that better later." I need to stop doing this and start getting serious.

Don't tweet so much
I love Twitter so, so much. However, it distracts me big time. I find myself checking every few minutes to see if someone is talking to me or asks me a question. I need to learn that I don't have to be available online to people 24/7. I need to finish what I'm working on first, and play later.

Don't live in the past

I have a tendency to say, "Well if I had done this then, then I'd be finished by now." You can't change the past anymore. Start those things you've been putting off now.

Don't clean

Yep, cleaning is on the "don't" list. I had someone tell me a while back, "A writer with a clean house isn't writing." and it's so true. I used to tell myself, "Ok, I'm going to do *insert housework chore here* and then I'll get started on writing." Wrong. I need to think of it oppositely of how I have been: "I don't need to clean because I have so much writing to do", not "I don't need to write because I have so much cleaning to do." This is hard because it's difficult for me to keep my mind on my work knowing that the house is a mess or laundry is piled to the heavens. Husband just may have to understand that every once in a while, he'll have to wear dirty pants to work. *gasp*

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  1. LOL! Don't clean, I love that! So true. I think I'll make go outside more one of my resolutions too! Great list, of do's and don'ts!