Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Eye Strain

Since quitting my job and staying home I've been on he computer a lot. Whether it's because I'm working on my WIP, blogging, or goofing around on Twitter or Facebook, I'm pretty much constantly in front of a screen. I noticed when I went to bed last night my right eye was really red, not bloodshot, but almost like a blood vessel had been popped. It was only then I realize how much I use my eyes during the day.

You might be telling me, "Well get off the computer for a bit!" which is all well and good but my main hobby is reading which probably doesn't help the eyes. We also bought a new TV over the weekend and Husband and I have been enjoying watching movies and such which isn't helping my eye strain either. How do you people do it? Is it something you get used to over time? Do my eyeballs just need to be toughened up? Or do I really need to take a step back and find something to do for a while every few hours to let them rest?

If it helps, I wear contacts but have the same problem whether I'm wearing my contacts or my glasses. Though my eyes are a bit less dry when I wear my glasses.


  1. I work on the computer all day editing photos, and it's good to get up now and then and walk away--refresh. The problem with computer screens and TVs is that they emit light, so it puts a lot of strain on the eye. Books are only reflecting light, so unless you are having trouble focusing (which you shouldn't if you wear your contacts or glasses), it should be easier on you. i think over time you'll adjust to it a little more though. It doesn't bother me nearly as much as it used to.

  2. THat's a tough one. Most of the pasttimes I enjoy involve my eyes too. You do need to let them rest though. Maybe just a walk where you don't have to focus on anything close up or something like that every now and then. Like muscles, they can be overworked and grow fatigued.