Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thanksgiving, the forgotten holiday

I love Thanksgiving. I love fall in general, really. I love the changing color of the leaves that will eventually leave behind skeletons of trees. I love the crisp, autumn wind as it chaps my face (though I admit we get little of that here in Texas). I love pumpkins. Anything and everything to do with pumpkins: carving, decorating, eating, smelling, ANYTHING. And it was pumpkins that made me realize that retailers don't really care about Thanksgiving (or fall).

There's a Bath & Body works in the shopping mall that I work in, maybe a block away. I was having a bad day at work and decided to walk there on my lunch break and treat myself to some nice, smelly goodies. The first thing that caught my attention was a candle in a scent named Creamy Pumpkin. I was curious as to what a creamy pumpkin smelled like, so I picked it up and sniffed. The answer? Creamy Pumpkin smells like heaven (actually it smells like pumpkin mixed with buttercream icing or cinnamon rolls, which is what my heaven smells like). I quickly scanned the store in search for anything else in the scent, determined to drop my paycheck on one of everything. However, I came up empty handed. After finally breaking down and asking a sales associate for help, I was informed that Creamy Pumpkin was only available in as a candle and a hand soap, but their Christmas scents were out. Would I like to smell their Holiday Vanilla Bean? No! I don't want to smell your Holiday Vanilla Bean!!! (That's what she said.) I bought two candles and a ton of hand soaps and left feeling more depressed than I went in. I shot a message to whoever runs B&BW's Facebook page and they said they have had a crazy good response to the Creamy Pumpkin scent and I wasn't the only one let down by the fact that it wasn't more accessible in other products and they would pass the word on to people of higher authority.

A few days later I was at my local grocery store looking at the soy milk products. I've recently switched and am using mostly soy instead of regular milk and I was curious to see what all the store had. As I was scanning the cartons I see a picture of a pumpkin. Well shut the front door! A pumpkin spice flavored soy milk!! I grabbed a carton and went on my merry way. Pumpkin spice soy milk, for those wondering, tastes like heaven. I drank the carton within a few days and went back for more only to find the pumpkin section had been replaced with soy egg-nog. Seriously? I, again, asked a sales associate for help only to be offered egg-nog as a substitute. I do not want your egg-nog! I want my pumpkin spice soy milk that was apparently only available for a freaking day.

Repeat the same story as above with a pumpkin pie spice coffee creamer (also tasting of heaven) which has now been replaced by gingerbread creamer and some kind of chocolate-mint creamer.

Since when did the holiday season jump from Halloween to Christmas? I realize there is probably more money for retailers in Christmas than Thanksgiving. I also realize that I, as a consumer, am part of the problem. Heck, I've been listening to Christmas music for a few weeks now. (What? I challenge you to find me Thanksgiving music!!)

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea, I love Christmas. October to December is my favorite time of year, but why are we rushing things? Christmas is going to get here sooner or later, why can't we stop and savor the flavors that fall has to offer a little while longer, while we still can? What do you think, am I getting my panties in a bunch over nothing?

In honor of Thanksgiving, I'm gong to blog every single day next week. About what, you ask? Well FOOD, silly! You can't have Thanksgiving without food! I'll post my favorite recipes Sunday-Saturday of next week, so be on the look out!


  1. I know what you mean Steph, I went to Target today looking for T'giving themed products. They had one little section on an endcap of t'giving paper plates, cups and napkins. ugh!!!! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as it is for any self professed foodie, my menu has been planned since the first of october.

  2. I know exactly how you feel! All year I look forward to pumpkin mochas, shakes, and blizzards and I have a teeny tiny window in which to get them! Retailers overlook Thanksgiving because I don't think it makes people buy things. Which is sad because that's part of what makes it such a great holiday! Power to you!