Thursday, November 18, 2010

Positive Thoughts for Daisy

Just a quick blog post as today is a busy, crazy day. We noticed yesterday that Daisy was having trouble breathing so Husband made her a vet appointment and we took her in. The vet couldn't really find anything wrong, and sent us home with antibiotics. Last night we noticed Daisy wasn't eating and was very lethargic. Thankfully she made it through the night and went back to the vet this morning. They did an X-ray to find out that she has a lot of gas in her belly (making her feel full and not want to eat) and fluid in her lungs (which basically means pneumonia). Outlook is very, very grim at this point. :(

We said our goodbyes and left Daisy at the vet. I've cried most of the day. She may be a guinea pig, but she is our baby. We don't have dogs or cats or kids, Daisy and Chloe are all we have and are very important to us.

The vet called just a minute ago and said that after oxygen, some antibiotics, and IV fluids, Daisy is now eating again. She's not out of the woods but I think this is a good sign. Please keep her (and us!) in your thoughts today. I'm not ready to lose her yet!

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  1. I'm so sorry Daisy is sick. Pets become part of our families, not matter what size the pet or the family.