Thursday, October 7, 2010


If you follow me on Twitter you know I'm usually a pretty active tweeter,but over the past few weeks (months?) I've found myself tweeting less and less. I have loved Twitter, it's helped me tremendously. It's led me to meet some fantastic people and make new friends. It's opened doors for me that I never knew would be there.

There are tons of good things I could say about how wonderful Twitter is, but now I'm going to move on to the meat of this post. No, I am not leaving Twitter, but I won't be on Twitter as much. It got to the point where TweetDeck was open on one half of my screen and Scrivener (my writing client), was open on the other so I could always see what was going on and if anyone was talking to me. This has hurt me more than helped me.

My writing is very sacred to me, and Twitter makes me talk too openly about it. I don't like being so open. I've told very few people the actual plot of the contemporary I'm working on. I have to say it bothers me a little when writers tell Twitter everything about their WIP. Let's face it, if you're always talking about your writing *whispers* you're probably NOT writing.

I'm the first to admit I fell into that boat (how does one fall into a boat anyway?). Anytime I crossed a major hurdle I felt like I had to tell someone, and Twitter is the easiest person to tell because you're not just telling one person, you're telling million of people! "Hey world! Guess what? I just figured out this amazing plot twist!" Well that's great, Stephanie, but why aren't you actually writing the plot twist instead of telling everyone about it?

I'm sure there are writers out there that can handle writing and tweeting about what their writing every few minutes. It's just a bit counterproductive for me. If I have time to write 140 characters, they're going to go toward something useful, like my WIP, and not Twitter. By stopping to make that Tweet it takes my head out of the world I'm in, and it takes me a while to get back into that world once I'm out. Plus I'm very ADD which probably doesn't help.

Anyway, with all that being said, I'll still be on Twitter, I just won't be on Twitter as much. I think I'm too addicted to 100% leave, plus there are some people I only communicate with via Twitter. I think I'm going to try to blog instead of tweet and see how that works out. What are your thoughts? Am I just being really weird about this whole thing?


  1. Oh, I know just how you feel! I keep my WiP ideas quiet... not ready to share them with the world via Twitter!!

    When I'm writing and I want a Twitter break, I usually give myself a minute to check my lists and then I do a #amwriting search. Seeing that other writers are actually writing always motivates me to shut Twitter down and get back to work!

    It would be sad if you left Twitter for good... your #muppetarms always cracks me up.

  2. I totally agree with you...I'm not a writer, but a creator and it definitely takes time from what's most important.

    thanks for sharing...think I'll try to stay off twitter a little more and get busy cause I only have one more week until Canton Flea Market!!!

  3. I've been going through that exact same thing, and I totally agree with you. Stepping back from anything that isn't worth the cost of words in a WIP is the best way to go.

    I have Tweetie for Mac, which I hide while writing in Scrivener. I have my iPhone set for DM and @ notifications, but those don't go off very often when I'm writing anyway. I've learned to love using the full screen option for concentration.

    Twitter is great, so long as it doesn't become the only thing I'm doing!

  4. I tweet and write back to back. I see it as a place to muse over something. And I mean I've put away 20k words in 10 days doing it, so it clearly works for me. The same goes for the internet. I can't not have it cause when I'm writing I'll be like 'Oh, I need this miscellaneous item... GOOGLE!!!'

    But I also totally get what you mean! It *can* be incredibly distracting when you can't control it.

    It's a double edge sword. :/

  5. I agree - twitter is ok but time sucking. FaceBook is better :)

  6. I don't think I've ever done more than tweet the occasional milestone when it comes to writing. Too much jawing about the WIP would become counter-productive for me, though it fosters productivity in others. I never discuss WIP content.

    As for the addictive nature of Twitter? I don't have a client installed on my Macbook - only ever check it from the other shiny gadget. I'm not always disciplined, but these things help.

  7. I wondered where you have been! Miss you, but I will be the first one in line buying your book!