Sunday, September 12, 2010

When it rains it pours

So much has gone wrong in the past few days. Friday it was irritating. Yesterday it was funny. And today I'm just outright pissed.

I'm still looking for one more book to take with me to meet the Smart Chicks this week. I left work early to stop by Barnes and Noble to see if they had it and I fell in the parking lot walking to my car. Such a klutz! I scraped my left knee and left arm/hand up pretty nicely. I forgot how much a scrape hurts, I can't get the one on my hand to scab over so I'm having to wear bandaids over it at work.

Yesterday my check engine light came on and my keyfob didn't work to my car for some reason. Daisy (our guinea pig) got sick and had to take a trip to the vet. Diagnosis is that it's either something neurological or an ear infection. We can't really do anything about the neurological part so she's on antibiotics for two weeks. Poor baby hates it. :(

Today my husband texts me while I'm at work and says someone broke into his car overnight. I got so upset my manager made me leave. They smashed a window, stole our GPS and a spare key to my car. UGH. We're so upset, we thought moving was going to make things better for us but it seems like nothing has gone right since we've moved. I'm freaking out that the people that did it are going to come back and take my car. The key says Volkswagen on it and there's only two Beetles that live (Yes, they're alive) in our complex, mine being one of them. Odds aren't in my favor. So until we can afford to have the car re-keyed we bought one of those The Club things to put on the steering wheel. If they can take that off then I guess they want my car a heck of a lot more than I do.

I get so frustrated with life sometimes. It seems like some people have it SO easy and great things happen so naturally for them. I used to think I had decent luck but over the past few years it seems like nothing really goes right. I also used to think that things happen for a reason, but I seriously cannot see what the reason behind any of this madness is.

Also, if you're the praying type, please keep my nephew Bryce and my friend Lindsay's daughter, Sophie, in your prayers. Bryce has to have heart surgery at the end of the month, and baby Sophie is currently in liver failure. If you aren't a believer in prayer, positive thoughts are welcome as well.

Sorry for the emo blog post, but sometimes you just need to vent and get talk about things. Isn't that was blogging is all about? Have you had any life frustrations you'd like to share in the comments?


  1. When it rains it pours indeed. I have a hug for you tomorrow at the Smart Chicks event! <3

  2. My thoughts and prayers with you and your loved ones. I'll send positive thoughts your way!

    PS I'm super clumsy!

  3. Awww, Steph, you've had a rough ride lately. Hope things improve for you soon. Prayers as always for Sophie and Bryce.

    And *squeee* you're writing contemporary now! Go, you!

  4. Steph,
    I know it seems endless sometimes, but I am sure there is a rainbow at the end of your storm. God works in crazy ass ways. Maybe you need all this drama to write that novel you haven't thought of yet. Or maybe your emotional post will help someone else. I always try to ask myself "is it really that important?" most of the time the answer is honestly no. Your scraps will heal, your car will get fixed, and life will move forward. It always does. But this is my 2 cents, take what you like and leave the rest.

    I do give major prayers for the babies. We are expecting our 3rd baby, a little girl I might name Sophia. AND I have liver issues so I am super touched by your post.


  5. No one is exempt from the struggles and unfair things of life, but it's true, some people seem to get all the breaks. What gets me through the tough times is the same as during the good times - my relationship with the Lord. No matter what is going on, God never changes and is ever ready to encourage us.
    I have prayed for Bryce and Sophie, and for their families. ((Hugs))
    Also, I want to add that I have read some of your blog posts since finding you on Twitter, and I enjoy how you write. I'm also one of your Twitter followers now.
    Blessings! :)