Thursday, August 12, 2010

My bucket list

As many of you know, dear readers, we are moving to a new apartment next weekend. That translates to a very frustrated and stressed out Stephanie. I don't like clutter and we have boxes of stuff everywhere. Today I was going through some boxes and found journals I kept from 2001-2003. First off let me say that my handwriting is nearly illegible. I remember thinking I had the coolest handwriting ever back then. Why do all tween/teenage girls write strangely?

I'm flipping through the countless pages of teenage angst when I come across a page that's in a list format and is numbered. I have stumbled upon my bucket list from 2001. I've been meaning to write a new bucket list and blog about it for a while, so this seems like the perfect opportunity to share. Here is the bucket list of a 16 year old girl, with a little commentary from a 24 year old girl:

1. Go to England
2. Go to Scotland (I spelled it Scottland)
3. Go to Ireland
4. Go to France
5. Go to Germany and Amsterdam
6. Go to all 50 states (I apparently wanted to travel a lot?)
7. See a rainbow in Hawaii
8. Find a real seashell
9. Put my toes in the Pacific Ocean
10. Put my toes in the Atlantic ocean
11. Get a tattoo
12. Get married
13. Have a bay window
14. Tour a castle
15. Own a castle (Big ambitions, hu? So do I tour it then make an offer on it?)
16. Be in 2 places at once
17. Feed a pigeon in Times Square (Spelled pidgeon, I was an awful speller.)
18. Ride in a limo
19. Go to all the Hard Rock Cafes in the US (What?? Why??)
20. Pet a dolphin
21. Go to DisneyWorld and stay in Cinderella's castle (I thought it was a hotel.)
22. Own all the Rainbow Brite dolls (I'm a collector of '80s memorabilia.)
23. Own all the Care Bears
24. Have a pony
25. Own a VW Bug
26. Go on a hot air balloon ride
27. Go on a moonlit stroll on a beach
28. See a Broadway musical

I've crossed out the ones I've already accomplished. It's funny to see how many of my wishes were travel oriented, and it's funny to think I wanted to have everything on this list done by now. Times change, people change, I changed. I'm planning on adding to this bucket list and keeping the tradition going. I know I'll never get everything done, but that's the point right? Life is so short and precious that we can't do it all; We must pick and choose what's most important to us.


  1. Blech, moving. Good luck!

    Also, #11... if you do get a tattoo, go to the Southside Tattoo parlor on S. Congress. They're the best in Austin, and Jack did the most amazing job in mine!

    (I know... kinda random comment, but really, they're such a great parlor - totally recommend)

  2. LOL at #19!

    Of your bucket list, I have done half of #5, and all of #8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 18, 20.

  3. I am surprised #23 has not been scratched off. I've seen pictures, it looked like all of them to me. :D

  4. While I have a lot, there are TONS I don't have, mainly the rare UK vintage versions.