Monday, April 12, 2010

Meeting John Green and David Levithan (+ CONTEST!)

It's been a crazy past few days! I've been super busy (hence why where was no WoW and FuF post last week) with work, reading, outlining my Historical (which I think I MAY have a title for!!!) and going to the dentist. Yes, the *cringe* DENTIST. In an effort to be more healthy, I decided to buy a bag of apples at the grocery store. I was eating one as a before-dinner snack last Thursday and broke my tooth on it. It didn't hurt and I didn't know until about ten minutes later when I noticed something didn't feel right. This is the THIRD TIME this particular tooth has broken. I freaked out. Big time. We've been in Austin for about two years and haven't been to a dentist yet (tisk, tisk) so I had no idea where to go. Plus it was already after 5:00 and I knew most places were closed. I called a few places on Friday and was finally able to score an appointment. I got it repaired (sans any numbing/pain medicine! Ford tough, baby!), and went on my way.

The main reason I didn't want the numbing stuff is because I was meeting John Green and David Levithan that night. I had been looking forward to this for ages and didn't want to have my picture taken and not be able to move my lips to smile. (Ha!!!) I've been a proud Nerdfighter (if you don't know, ask) for a while and it was a dream come true to meet John Green and David Levithan. I hope to be half as talented as their pinky toe-nails one day. I admire them so much both as writers and as human beings. Here are a few pictures of that night (some courtesy of my friend Jen since my camera is THE SUCK).

The contest is now closed!
Now you must be wondering what the contest portion of this blog post is all about. If you notice in the last picture I posted, I have two copies of Looking for Alaska. One of them could be YOURS! All you have to do is come up with a name for my blog. I used Stephanie's Blog as a placeholder because I couldn't think of anything cute or creative. That's where you come in!

Contest Rules:
* In the comments, give me suggestions on what you think I should name my blog. (Bonus points if you submit a banner to go with it***)

* While I'd love for you to follow my blog or Twitter, I want you to follow me because you think I'm cool, not because I give away prizes and make following a requirement. So no following is required to participate!

* You may enter as many times as you want!

* This contest is international.

* PLEASE leave your email address in your comment so I can get in touch with you. No email address = no entry! :(

* Contest will end at Midnight CST on Sunday April 25th and a winner will be announced on Monday April 26th

* If I choose you to be the winner, I will email you the good news. You will have 48 hours to respond with your address before I have to choose another winner.

Here are some random facts about me that may be helpful to you:
Avid reader and writer of YA Fiction
Animal Lover
Harry Potter nerd (Hufflepuff, baby!!!)
Born and raised in Mississippi
I love pink and purple
Have two guinea pigs (Daisy and Chloe)

Edited to add:
I don't consider myself a book reviewer, or a book blogger even. Just a person who reads and writes and likes to talk about books. So I probably won't pick a suggestion that has anything to do with book reviews. Just an FYI. :)

Good luck! You have about two weeks to think of something, so get to cracking! You could own THIS *Price as Right hands*

***You won't actually get anything for making me a banner. Other than virtual bonus points. :)


  1. ohhh, I have an idea of to put my photoshop skills to work.

  2. Sweet! (I follow you online anyway & think you're cool, so there!)

    My suggestions given your backdrop:

    Wrapped Up with a Bow
    All Wrapped Up with a Bow
    Southern Fried Miss
    (and I wish I had the art skills to make a spoof pic for you ala Powerpuff Girls...) "Hufflepuff Girl" --> I picture Bubbles with yellow pigtails and a Hogwarts uniform! ;-)

    Dawn (dot) Metcalf (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. awww man!.. I'm no good at coming up with names, but just wanted to comment on your post.. wish I could've been there sounds like it was fun and it would've been awesome to meet them. =)

  4. I'm terrible at names too, Cynthia! That's why I have to hold a contest. LOL!

  5. Ok, I'm horrible at coming up with names but I'm going to give it a shot because I have book envy motivation guiding me.

    The writing zoo

    By the way - LOVE the photos of the signing!
    wardkristi (at) hotmail (dot) com

  6. Hmm... i am really bad at names. I changed my blog name aroung 5 times.

    Thinking about...

    I think that's pretty good!

  7. Hey, just followed - great blog!
    How about Very Puffy - For Hufflepuff & Nerdfighter references?
    Rubbish at the design stuff though.

    My e-mail is jess_hubbard82 (at) hotmail (dot) com
    If you guys'd check out my blog too that'd be awesome. It's pretty new.


  8. What about 'wrapped reviews'? It goes with the layout.

  9. Hufflepuffery Reviews. :)


  10. Naming things may not be my forte. I named my book blog Twisted Quill without the Reviews part.

    Honestly I like An Abundance of Books. But that may be because I just saw An Abundance of Katherines just now.

  11. Power to the Hufflepuff's! I'm a fellow puff too :D *shudders at the dentist visit* but at least you got to meet two awesome authors, so cool!

    Okay, I suck at names. But here are my attempts:

    The Knight Bus: A magical journey through reading and writing YA
    Huff 'n Puff Reviews
    Ink and Quill
    Flourish and Blotts
    Wrapped in Words
    Stephanie's Parchment
    Stephanie, A History (you know, like Hogwarts, A History)
    Magical Theory of Steph

    I'd apologise, but you can never have too many HP references ;)


  12. I am just the same, my blog "Brandi's Bolg" is all I came up with.

    Southern Scribbles

    Perfecting the Prose

    Picture Perfect Prose

    Writer, Reader, Pig Lover (hahaha - dare you to use this one :)

    Taiming the Prose

    Totally lame but maybe a little funny:)


  13. Mississippi Writing
    Mississippi Scribing
    Present & Nerdy
    Nerdy & Accounted For
    Wizards, Vampires, & Nerds, Oh MY!

    Thanks for the contest Steph!
    mark (at) greenfyr (dot) com

  14. "Stephanie's bookshelf"

    or... "A Wanderer's Bookshelf" ... I thought about that one because your last name is Pellegrin, which I'm assuming comes from the word pilgrim, and pilgrims were wanderers. Also because you're from Mississippi but currently in Texas and... yeah.

    Or if you want it to sound more fancy and... french, "A Wanderer's étagère" ... I was told it's kinda like a bookshelf and it's used to display things, which is more or less what you do here, you display your thoughts and experiences to the world. And ok, I'm going to shut up now.


    gaby_malagon (at) hotmail (dot) com

  15. Hmm...what about... Something harry potterish..

    "I solemnly swear that I am up to reading."? Haha, but i guess that's too long.

    Snitch reviews?
    Wrapped in YA?
    Wrapped in books?


  16. I have only one idea. I'm okay with titles, so here it is.

    Silly Dreams of Pink-Frosted Cupcakes

    (or you can drop the Silly part for length quality)

    A) It's a mini quote from your favorite book, Number the Stars (which took forever and a day to find any quotes on The Google)
    B) It's got pink in it.
    C) Who the hell doesn't like cupcakes?!

  17. soul in you/me reviews

    Deeper than us review
    deeper than life reviews?

    phenomenal reviews?

    Dust to dust reviews?


    dreams are for real reviews?


    Reality is a phase only dreams are for real

    lol i tried good luck!

  18. No naming ideas yet, but wanted to say I love the pics. Very fun! :)

  19. I don't know if they are good, but I tried. :P

    Into the Ya
    Rantings and Ravings
    Archimedes' corner

    Thank you!

    Giada M.

    fabgiada @

  20. How about "Ink Splotches" ?
    Thanks for this offer ? :)
    Hope you find a really loveable and suitable title :)
    I'll post another comment if I can make a good banner :)

  21. Or how about, "Once Upon A Time." ? :)

  22. Or "Once upon a time ... "

    Thanks again ! :)

  23. Southern Gal's Madness


  24. I honestly cannot enter this contest because I am in love with one of your entries and want it to win. XD So how about I just offer to do the layout/banner for ya for fun once you pick a winner? ;) No book prize required. <3