Friday, April 30, 2010

Fired Up Friday

Fired Up Friday is a meme I started a while back where I post random bits of things that have inspired me that week. It could be a picture, line from a song, quote... anything as long as it proved to be inspiration for me.

This week it will be all photographs. We got a new camera last week and I had to test it out! I told you all that cemeteries are a big inspiration for me, so that's where I decided to spend the day. My grandfather was big into genealogy and often had my sister and I in tow when he went to cemeteries to look for a particular headstone. At least I got it honest! I couldn't pick just five photos (per my usual FuF postings), I'm going to post as many as I want. Deal with it. :p

The first cemetery I went to was OLD. Had headstones dating back to the 1800s. Some headstones didn't have any inscription on them at all, which was kind of sad to me.

This picture is particularly sad to me. His headstone reads "Gone, but not forgotten." He died in 1911, and I'm sure he has been forgotten to time now. :(

And this picture was one of my favorites that I took all day. It's the inspiration for what I'm going to work on after I finish my Historical. It says, "Death wings triumphant o'er mankind, Hope cheers the soul eternal bliss to find."

Next up is cemetery number two. It's a newer cemetery so not a lot of older stuff. I mostly took photos of things people put beside their loved one's graveside.

So those are the things that have inspired me this week. What do you think? What inspired YOU this week? Please discuss in the comments! And Happy Friday one and all!


  1. Love, love, love!
    I adore cemeteries (in the tourist respect, not the burying people respect). Let's visit one together sometime!

  2. Oh wow! Those are some awesome pictures! You're good at it Stephanie!

  3. These are lovely. They make my heart feel full of nostalgia.

  4. I have to tell you I love to go to old cemeteries. I enjoyed you choices. Very nice post. thx