Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow! In TEXAS!

The Husband got up and got ready for work per his usual routine. I was awakened by him running full sprint down the hallway and jumping on the bed. This is exactly how the conversation went:

Husband: *runs, jumps on bed, jumps up and down on bed* IT'S SNOWING!!!
Me: *grumble grumble grumble* *rolls over, pulls cover over head*
Husband: *shakes* You don't understand! It's SNOWING! RIGHT NOW!
Me: *more grumbles* *looks out window* *jaw drops*

SNOW! I've only seen "real" snow once in my life when I was 7. It's know as "the blizzard of 1993" in Mississippi. Ha. ;) Here are a few pictures:

The flakes were HUGE! I caught one in my hand it it was the size of the whole palm of my hand! And fluffy! I decided after lunch that I needed to go on a nature walk to get some snow pictures. I mean, how often is Narnia RIGHT OUTSIDE? We have a big wooded area outside our apartment complex, and I thought that was the perfect place to go. I'm greeted by this mess:

Hmm. No way I'm crossing that in my Converses. I go back inside and change into my rain boots, which I am thankful I have.

Here are a few snapshots of random things during my time in the woods. Also... life lesson #324: Don't go for a walk in woods you aren't too familiar with. You might get lost. Not saying that I did, I'm just saying hypothetically you might. *looks around*

I then see something unfamiliar in the woods and freeze. What was it? A dead animal? A deer or dog? Neither, my friends! It's the illusive and very rare WILD BEAN BAG CHAIR! I apparently found somebody's party spot in the woods. I also happened upon the WILD SNOWMAN. One must maintain distance from wild Bean Bag Chairs and Snowmen at all times.

All joking aside, I did happen to cross something of my bucket list today: I made a snow angel!

You can see it, right? RIGHT? So it's not a very good snow angel, but I have to work with what I have here, people. It was so fun to make! Until I realized making one involved getting SOPPING WET from head to toe. I somehow always forget that snow is wet.

I look outside my window and see that it's still snowing. I love the snow. It's seems so peaceful and dangerous at the same time.


  1. LOL Love the Snow Angel. Bryce made one that looked like that and goes, "that's not a snow angel. It didn't work." I can't believe it's been snowing all day long. It's crazy and so much fun.

  2. I love snow, and I am watching it fall out my window right now! It's amazing!!! I am from Iowa so I am used to seeing snow every year but it's nice to see this kind of snow and them the next day having the sunshine!

  3. Aw! I wish I got that excited over snow! I don't though, perhaps because I'm a New Englander and I can't seem to get away from the snow!

    Glad you're enjoying it! :)

  4. That's cool. It didn't snow where i live and everyone was hoping for a snow storm so classes would be canceled.

    Glad you enjoyed the snow :D

  5. A few weeks ago, we got snow in Florida too! Well, North Florida, not really my hood, but still very exciting. :)