Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Change is scary

I'm sitting here at my computer just now trying to decide what to do today. I was off work yesterday and I'm off today as well. I cleaned our apartment yesterday. It took me the better part of the day, but I finally got everything done. So now I look around and realize... I HAVE A FREE DAY!!! I can do pretty much (within legal limits) anything I want today. I have two books I need to finish reading, and a WIP that isn't writing itself. I then started thinking about my YA Historical Fiction WIP, and it suddenly hit me: I've been writing from the wrong character's POV. WHY have I not figured this out BEFORE NOW? I threw a little tantrum on the floor and realized... this is a good thing! I think it works out so much better this way that the way I originally intended. It's still a ton of stuff I have to change and my plot is completely different now. But that's alright, I'm really ok with it now. This character is so much better and I think it will make for such a stronger story. I write all this to ask... what major changes have you had to make to your various WIP's over time? How did you cope with it? Did it work out better for you in the end? Were you just as happy or was there a nagging in the back of your head that it might have worked out better if you didn't change anything a all?


  1. I've had to change the better part of the story after I realized that the MC wasn't where they should be, it took quite the headache to realize what I had done and what I needed to do, but once the changes were made I couldn't have been happier, it felt so much more clear at that point!

    Yay for FREE DAYS!

  2. Gotta love tantrums!! lol. Sounds like it will be worth it though!

    I've had to change POV, in two different stories - such a pain. I changed them BOTH from third person to first person. I don't even know why I TRY third person. I am incapable of that POV. But, with my WIP, I switch characters each chapter, which is new for me. I am loving it so far. Also in my current WIP, I recently changed the ages of 3 characters from 10 to 16. Major rewrites, but I love it. Haven't regretted any of my big changes yet!

    Sometimes, change is good!

  3. I can totally relate. I'm trying to decide if I want to do a 1st person or a 3rd omniscient... writing is HARD sometimes!

  4. This is so hard! I just had to do that with one of my characters who was going to be miner character, but they've made it clear their voice clearer needs to be heard more and in a different way than how I was writing them.