Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reading Recap for January

As I've stated in other blog posts, I did a 100 book challenge last year with some other members of Twilight Moms on Goodreads. I didn't quite meet my goal (I was at 90 something, so I still did pretty well). I didn't join the challenge this year because I felt a little hindered by trying to read so much and I didn't get as much writing done because of it, so I didn't join the challenge this year. However, I still want to keep up with the books I'll be reading throughout the year. At the beginning of each month, I'll post the books I read, how many pages they were and such. This is mostly for my benefit (and I do love lists), so feel free to ignore this post. :)

Books read in January 2010

1. Arabian Nights (Fables Volume 7) by Bill Willingham, 144 pages

2. Wolves (Fables Volume 8) by Bill Willingham, 159 pages

3. Sons of Empire (Fables Volume 9) by Bill Willingham, 192 pages

4. The Good Prince (Fables Volume 10) by Bill Willingham, 224 pages

5. War and Pieces (Fables Volume 11) by Bill Willingham, 192 pages

6. The Dark Ages (Fables Volume 12) by Bill Willingham 173 pages

7. Fallen by Lauren Kate, 452 pages

8. The Dark Divine by Bree Despain, 372 pages

9. The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, 375 pages (re-read)

Totals for January

9 Books
4 Authors
2,303 Pages


  1. wow, Stephanie! I only completed two books in January -- how on earth do you get through nine?? My hat's off to you! I'd love to do the 100 Books in a Year challenge, but I don't think I can read two books a week. How do you do it?

  2. Wow I am amazed!!! 90 is amazing! I couldn't have done that, I am with Nicole, I am proud when I have read 2 books!!! Go you girl!!!

    I really need to pick up Fallen and read it immediately!!!

  3. Thank you both!! I don't do much else except read, to be honest. The only night the TV is turned on is Thursdays to watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice, so I only watch two hours of TV a week, usually. Some days I want to come home and do something mindless and I'll turn it on and just stare. LOL. I am starting a new job tomorrow with more hours, so I probably won't be able to read as much. :(

    Oh and Jen... sadly I didn't care for Fallen. :( It just didn't live up to all the hipe.

  4. Hi again~ Thanks for following me, Stephanie! And best of luck with your new job tomorrow :))

    ((hugs)) Nicole

  5. You're quite welcome, Nicole!! I'm always interested in getting to know other writers. :)

    And thanks for the luck! :)