Sunday, January 10, 2010

Apartment Hunting, Day Two

Today was a very unproductive apartment hunting day. We looked at two places. Here is option number three:

Pros about option three:

It has an awesome computer desk area when you walk in that has built in shelving and such. Awesome.

It has the cutest little reading nook in the master bedroom that Husband and I LOVED. I'd never seen anything like that before in an apartment!

It had a huge balcony/patio area.

*Counter tops
Beautiful granite countertops in kitchen and bathroom.

They take guinea pigs with a $300 deposit.

Cons about option three:

It's the most expensive place we've seen so far, and frankly out of our price range.

It had no attached garages and parking did seem to be a bit of an issue.

*Living area
The living room area was a bit too small.

The apartment had two bathrooms, but the guest bathroom is the private bathroom, which seemed odd to me. There were two doors to the master bathroom, one from the master bedroom and the other from a hallway by the kitchen for visitors.

While going to the apartment model, I saw a resident had bagged their trash and left it by the front door in the hallway. Um... NO. Take it to the dumpster please and thank you.

Option four:

Apartment four considers guinea pigs exotic pets and doesn't allow them. We decided to not even look at their apartments because it was just a waste of time.

So we're pretty much right back where we started from with a tie between options one and two. We've got a few more places to look at next weekend (though not very many). The lady from option two should get back in touch with us on Tuesday as to whether or not they take piggies.

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  1. Hi Stephanie! I too am a guinea pig lover and have two females of my own!I can't believe one place would charge you $300 per pig, that's insane! I actually stumbled across your blog and it seems that you are having a dilemma with finding the perfect apartment. There's this site I used and fell in love with called Rent Jungle that's an apartment search engine. It takes the listings from the major apartment sites and puts the results on a single page which makes apartment hunting so much more convenient. It also has some cool features like a tool that lets you know if you're paying too much in rent and another that lets you check market trends in your area. Here's the link if you want to check it out!

    Good luck!