Saturday, January 9, 2010

Apartment Hunting, Day One

The Husband and I (mostly myself, Husband doesn't really care one way or the other) aren't really happy with our current apartment. We have noisy, rude neighbors and a small, useless kitchen. Also we're overpaying by a tiny bit, which is never fun to find out. Today we checked out two apartments that I had been researching. Both come with an attached garage, FYI. (Click thumbnails to make larger, obviously.) Here is the layout of apartment number one (1,212 square feet):

And apartment number two (1,093 square feet):

Because I love lists, here are pros and cons of each. Husband likes option number one while I prefer option number two. While we're planning on looking at a few more options, we're at somewhat of an impasse.

Pros about option one:
Husband loved the fireplace and was immediately sold upon seeing it.

*Breakfast nook
It has both a breakfast nook as well as a dining room (they called it a "sitting area"), which I was confused about at first because on paper it seemed silly to have both. However they had made the breakfast nook into a little computer area of sorts and it seemed to work out really well.

*No pet fees
We have two guinea pigs, and finding an apartment that allows guinea pigs is a feat within itself. Our current place doesn't allow them (shhhhh!), so we're going to make sure our new place is pig-friendly. They aren't making us pay a penny of pet fees or deposits!!! This alone nearly sold it for me because those pet fees are ridiculous.

Cons about option one:
The way the living room is laid out the only logical place to put the TV is above the fireplace, meaning none of Hubby's gaming systems can be used on that TV. I had always said I wanted a fireplace in our next apartment, but when I saw it I thought, "Eh, I could do without."

I don't hate the kitchen at this place, but I didn't fall in love with it upon first sight either. On paper it looked much bigger than it actually was. Counter and cabinet space is only a small upgrade from what we have now. Plus I can't see the living room or anything from it, so I feel a bit closed off.

While they aren't going to make us pay any pet fees, the price is almost $200 more than option two.

Pros about option two:

I LOVE THIS KITCHEN. I fell in love with it upon first sight and can't stop thinking about it. It's massive, has an island and a pot rack. A freaking POT RACK!!! Much squeeage was had.

(Kitchen in this photo is sans pot rack, photo below would be an example of pot-racked kitchen, but above photo would be our exact kitchen.)

The price on this place is almost $50 less than what we're paying now for more square footage (plus an awesome kitchen). I was totally surprised when she told us the price ranges.

We have a couple that we're good friends with that live in this complex. We babysit their baby from time to time, so it would be nice to be so close.

Cons about option two:

The lady we talked to today wasn't even 100% sure they allowed guinea pigs in the first place. The lease said hamsters were okay, but not ferrets, and said nothing about guinea pigs. If her manager okays the pigs, we'll have to pay a $200 security deposit (which is refundable) and a $300 fee PER PIG (non refundable), plus an extra $10 a month on rent.

There's a divider between the living and dining rooms that Hubby and I weren't crazy about.

Although we will be visiting more places soon, these are our two options for now, and we're totally stuck. Either we end up paying almost $1000 more up front in pet deposits, OR we end up paying almost $1000 more in rent over the 12 months of our lease. The Husband is having a hard time seeing it as the same thing, where as to me, either way it's money we're spending on the apartment.


  1. Hmm.... tricky situation.
    Off hand, I'd say option one.
    I mean, $300 PER PIG?! That's CRAZY! The kitchen would be a small sacrifice.

    But I think I'd go for Option 3. Keep looking. LOL Those are tough choices...

  2. I was SHOCKED when she said per pig!!! Now that is their normal policies, but she said she was going to have to look further into their guinea pigs policies since the lease didn't say one way or the other. I asked them when we got home if they were worth $800 and they just looked at me like I was stupid. Dumb pigs. ;)

  3. wow... those pet fees are crazy!!! I liked apartment #2 but it's insane.. I think #1 would be better.. =/

  4. I have never thought that pet fees are that high! $300 per guinea pig is insane! Well, if you dearly love your pets and want them to have a wonderful abode, then go with it. This will be helpful for those who are planning to travel or move (with the help of movers Nebraska for instance). If I were to choose, I think I would have gone for apartment number one. May I know which did you choose?