Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Whirlwind Tuesday

Today was pretty much a whirlwind for me. I went to work, had to prepare my weekly reports and have them done in an hour for a staff meeting. I found out in the staff meeting that I have to go to San Antonio for a marketing meeting on Thursday. I guess I'm excited, but now I have to figure out how to cram San Antonio into my Thursday schedule. After work I went to Recycled Reads, it's a used book store that's sponsored by the Austin Public Library, and totally cool. All hardcover books are $2, paperbacks are $1. I've founds some awesome stuff there! Last week I found Buffy and Serenity comics, today I found this:

It's a book on fairy tales! How awesome is that! It's a pretty big book, but most of the fairy tales are about 10-20 pages long, so I can easily read it while I'm reading other things. I have a problem with reading more than one book at a time. I just can't do it! I get my characters and plots so confused. I think I have ADD. ;)

Also, Michelle Zink, author of "Prophecy of the Sisters" is my new BFF. She totally talked me off the ledge, so to speak, today. I was lamenting my writing woes on Twitter and she was so sweet to help me out and give me advice. Everyone should go buy her book! I have it, but have not had the chance to read it yet. However it is next up in my queue so I should have it read this week! Maybe I can get her on to do an author interview. :)

So thanks to Michelle's kind words this afternoon, I was able to get past my writing hurdle a bit and write a few hundred words. It's just so frustrating for me because I want the book to be done and over, but it's not that simple. It's going to take work. Lots and LOTS of work to get it done, and in the end it will probably be my biggest accomplishment to date. I owe it to myself to finish this story and get it out there were others can read it as well. I just hope that when I am published (it's not an "if" for me anymore. It WILL happen!) I am able to give advice and kind words to a fellow writer in need as Michelle did with me today.

I'm excited to meet my friend Lindsy tomorrow at Borders. I had a dream last night about the Mockingjay pin they have, and I had made it into a necklace! It was so cute. After seeing it in my dream, I think I came up with a way to make it work. We shall see!

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